Products & Services

Asphalt Production & Surfacing
Asphaltech, in partnering with its Customers and Suppliers accommodates a broad range of products and services to best fit for the job at hand.
Asphaltech provides for Research and Development (R&D) with its operations to be able to offer Customers the best innovative and value added asphalt surfacing products to cater for all applications.

Asphaltech is continually to be extremely innovative and at the forefront in Research and Development in the Industry. Asphaltech is very pleased to have been associated with Local Government as many Councils place importance on innovations and have successfully trialled Asphaltech's developed
product(s) to place both the Council and the Contractor in a leading position for Local Government and the Asphalt Industry. We wish to emphasise that Asphaltech will continue to remain abreast with Worldwide technological advances and pass on such development and innovations to our Customers in a very professional manner.

We will endeavour to share some of our developments as follows:

- SMA Gravel + 1%
- Gravelmix + 1%
- 100% Recycled Cold Mixed Asphalt
- 10mm Strong Mix
- Crumbed Rubber Asphalt
- Duramastic & Plus

For more information on the services Asphaltech offers please see one of our divisions:
- Production
- Construction
- Civil
- Laboratories